Democracy, justice and exception: the Kelsen-Schmitt debate reloaded in the XXI Century
por Andityas Soares de Moura Costa Matos, Carlos Miguel Herrera e Roberto Bueno (org.)

1ª edição, Belo Horizonte: Initia Via, 2015, 261p.

ISBN edição digital: 978-85-64912-56-4.


Part I

Hans Kelsen today: relativism, democracy and Constitution

Andityas Soares de Moura Costa Matos
Carlos Miguel Herrera

Hans Kelsen and the reductio ad Hitlerum: reflections on the incompatibility between legal positivism and political totalitarianism
Andityas Soares de Moura Costa Matos

H. Kelsen and C. Schmitt on Rousseau: democracy in dark times discussed 
Carlos Miguel Herrera

Kelsen’s two arguments
Eerik Lagerspetz

Kelsen and the justice
Hannele Isola-Miettinen

Hans Kelsen’s concept of the federal State: constitutional aspects
Nicoletta Bersier Ladavac

Part II

Politics is conflict: Carl Schmitt and our time

Andityas Soares de Moura Costa Matos
Roberto Bueno

Exception of the exception: Carl Schmitt and the limits of law
Andityas Soares de Moura Costa Matos

The nomos of the private sovereign: supra State recomposition of sovereignty and new forms of legal regulation
Antonio Giménez Merino

Discussion, conflict and exception: Carl Schmitt and the not quite new paradigm of lawmaking
Eduardo Carone Costa Júnior

Carl Schmitt: critic of positivism
Fernando José Armando Ribeiro

From Enemy to Xenos: the evolution of a Schmittian category
Jacopo Martire

The politics as authoritarianism: the shared project of Donoso Cortés and Jaime Balmes in the shade of Carl Schmitt
Roberto Bueno

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